Finn Aakre Haugen's

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

I like teaching, writing and programming, and most of my professional time has been spent on these activities. I have taught various university courses, covering control and automation, signal processing, mathematical modelling, and simulation, and courses for practising engineers and teachers.

I once learnt the following principles, and after decades of teaching I see that they really make sense:

  • Motivating for the topics. If students are motivated for learning they concentrate better and find the learning more interesting, and consequently they learn more effectively.
  • Preparing for activity. If students work with the material in exercises, they learn more effectively. This is "learning by doing". Also, the learning is enhanced if the students try to articulate the knowledge with their own words - both orally and in writing.
  • Concretizing: By using concrete examples, theory is easier to understand, and the important parts of the theory is automatically emphasized. Using concrete examples also motivates.
  • Developing individual and cooperating skills: During the learning process, students should try to develop the knowledge and insight in cooperation with other students because this gives more well-being and also enhances the learning. On the other hand, students must achieve an sufficient degree of individual skills, to avoid becoming too dependent of others to perform tasks. Individual skills are also required to be able to contribute positively to a group's work.

Essential in the implementation of the above principles are both theoretical exercises - including manual calculations, computer-based calculations, and simulations - and laboratory assignments.


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