What is needed to run the SimView simulators?

The SimView simulators are developed in LabVIEW (Windows). You can run these simulators only if you have the LabVIEW Runtime Engine 2023 Q1 or Q3 - 32 bit - Windows (denoted "LVRTE2023" in the following) installed on your PC. You can download and install LVRTE2023 from National Instruments' web site, ni.com. You have to register as a user at NI before downloading.

If you have installed any the LabVIEW 2023 development versions (Base, Full, Professional), the LVRTE2023 is included there, and in that case you do not have to install LVRTE2023 for running the SimView simulators.

During the installation of LVRTE2023 you are prompted to select in a list of tools which tools to install. It is sufficient to select only "NI LabVIEW Runtime". So, you should deselect all the other tools in the list. (If you install other tools than the Run-time Engine, you may be asked to install hardware drivers etc. which you do not need and which may actually cause problems for running the simulators.)

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Updated 12 August 2023 by Finn Haugen. E-mail: finn@techteach.no.