Curriculum vitae of

Finn Aakre Haugen

MSc, PhD in engineering cybernetics


Contact information:

  • E-mail address:
  • Mobile telephone: +47 97019215.
  • Place of residence: Skien, Norway.


  • Present positions:
    • Professor (Norwegian title: Dosent) in 80 % position at Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences, University of South-Eastern Norway.
    • Professor (Dosent) in 37.5 % position at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet), Norway.
    • Engagement at Fagskolen Vestfold-Telemark.
    • Engagement at Opplæringssenter for yrkesfag i Vestfold-Telemark fylkeskommune.
  • Previous positions:
    • Consultant (part-time) in mathematical modeling and control at VEAS wastewater treatment plant, Slemmestad, Norway. 2015 - 2018.
    • Research assistant at Norwegian Institute of Technology (Norges tekniske høgskole - NTH), 1986 - 1991.


Main interests and skills:

  • Mathematical modeling
  • Simulator development
  • Automatic control
  • State estimation
  • Optimization
  • Signal processing
  • Biological processes, in particular anaerobic digestion for biogas production
  • Programming in Python, LabVIEW, Matlab/Octave, Simulink.
  • Teaching
  • Textbook writing


·       Honorary member in NFEA (Norsk forening for elektro og automatisering – Norwegian association of electrotechnology and automation), 2020


  • Speed control of DC motor for training. TechTeach. 2023.
  • Temperature control of kettle for training. TechTeach. 2023.
  • Buffer tank rigs for training at University of South-Eastern Norway. Article on The rigs are built by bachelor students Olav Vangen and Cecilie D. Gløsmyr. Eight rigs are operative in 2023.
  • Matematical model and a simulator with a model-based predictive controller (MPC) and PI controller for the inflow system of the VEAS wasterwater treatment plant in Slemmestad, Norway. 2016-.
  • LabVIEW-based dynamic simulator and consultancy about control of a hydraulic servo mechanism, Westcon AS, Norway. 2016.
  • LabVIEW-based monitoring and control system for a biorefinery plant at Bygdø Kongsgård (King’s Farm), Oslo. 2016-.
  • Simulator with alternative control systems for a heave-compensation system for a company in Norway. (Confidentiality applies.) 2016.
  • Automatic test system in LabVIEW. Cody AS/ABB AS, Skien. 2008-2012.
  • Design and control of a test-rig for underwater lifting operations. Force Technology AS and MicoMarine AS. 2009.
  • Measurement and control systems for three biogas reactors. (LabVIEW.) Telemark University College. (Cooperation with Eivind Fjelddalen.) 2008.
  • Data acquisition and presentation system for powder pressure system. (LabVIEW.) Telemark University College. (Cooperation with Eivind Fjelddalen.) 2008.
  • Air heater for training. Telemark University College. (Cooperation with Eivind Fjelddalen.) 2006.
  • Measurement and control system for a multiphase experimental rig (water, oil, air). (LabVIEW.) Norsk Hydro and Telemark University College. 2006.
  • Logging program for a process trainer. (LabVIEW.) Telemark University College. 2005.
  • Logging program for an explosion rig. (LabVIEW.) Telemark University College. 2005.
  • Consultancy (modeling, simulation and control). Ignis Photonyx, Norway. 2005.
  • Modeling and simulation of a clutch servo system. Telemark University College and Kongsberg Automotive. (Matlab/Simulink, and LabVIEW). 2000.
  • Optimization of a temperature control system for a temperature calibrator. (Matlab/Simulink.) TEFT-project for Instrutek AS, Larvik, Norway. 1996-97.
  • Supervision and control system for an experimental biological combustion rig. (LabVIEW.) Norwegian Agricultural University. 1999.
  • Supervision and control system for an experimental rig for fish research. (LabVIEW). Norwegian Agricultural University. 1999.
  • Modeling and control of a wood chip tank. (Matlab/Simulink.) Norske Skog, Tofte, Norway. 1995.

Scientific articles:

Registrations in the Cristin database, also listed below.


  • Modeling, Simulation and Control. Aug. 2023. TechTeach. E-book freely available for students in my courses.
  • Python for realfag. Fagbokforlaget, 2023.
  • Introduction to the Python Control Package. 2019.
  • Python Simply. 2019.
  • Reguleringsteknikk, bind 2, 2014. Fagbokforlaget.
  • Basic Dynamics and Control. Exercises with solutions. TechTeach, 2010.
  • Advanced Dynamics and Control. Exercises with solutions. TechTeach, 2010.
  • Lær MATLAB trinn for trinn (in Norwegian), Tapir Academic Publisher, 2004.
  • Lær SIMULINK trinn for trinn (in Norwegian), Tapir Academic Publisher, 2003.
  • Dynamiske systemer - textbook and excercise book (in Norwegian), Tapir Academic Publisher, 2003.
  • Praktisk reguleringsteknikk - textbook and excercise book (in Norwegian), Tapir Academic Publisher, 2003
  • Websideutvikling med HTML og CSS, (in Norwegian) Tapir Academic Publisher, 2003.
  • Webprogrammering med JavaScript, PHP og MySQL (in Norwegian), Tapir Academic Publisher, 2003.
  • Regulering av dynamiske systemer, bind 2 - textbook and excercise book (in Norwegian), Tapir Acedemic Publisher, 1996.
  • Regulering av dynamiske systemer, bind 1 - textbook and excercise book (in Norwegian), Tapir Acedemic Publisher, 1994.
  • Anvendt reguleringsteknikk - textbook and excercise book (in Norwegian), Tapir Acedemic Publisher, 1990.

Magazine articles:


Presentations (selected):



Programming resources:

Miscellaneous duties:

International cooperations:

·       ECAM Brussels Engineering School, Belgium, 2018 -

·       China Agricultural University, China, 2015 -

·       University of Mons, Belgium, 2014 -

·       University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, 2010 -


National cooperations (Norway):

·       Universities (cooperation of various kinds: teaching; examination):

o   Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

o   Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

o   Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet)

o   University of Stavanger (UiS)

o   University of Agder (UiA)

o   The Arctic University of Norway/University of Tromsø (UiT)

·       Norwegian high schools (videregående skoler): Bamble vgs, Porsgrunn vgs og Skien vgs:

o   Several short courses about practical application of programming in LabVIEW and Python for measurement and control of physical systems.


Participant in research project funding applications:

·       SFI-WIN (Center of Research-based Innovation - Water Infrastructure), 2019: Suggested activities within model-based control on behalf of University of South-Eastern Norway (SFI-WIN concortium member). As of April 2019, the SFI-WIN proposal has been submitted to the Norwegian Reseearch Council (Norges forskningsråd).

·       EU Horizon 2020, Industry 2020 in the Circular Economy: Next generation of Smart WATER systems and services (SWATER), 2017: Representing University of South-Eastern Norway with proposed research activities in the application.

·       Strategic research project for research (strategisk høgskoleprosjekt - SHP), Telemark University College (Høgskolen i Telemark), 2014: Member of the academic staff writing the proposal.


Supervisor of PhD students:

·       Main supervisor:

o   Yongjie Wang (startup in September). PhD research project: Model-based control of urban drainage systems, 2019 -.

o   Shadi Attar. PhD research project: Model-based monitoring and control of biogas reactors in wastewater treatment plants, 2016 -.

·       Co-supervisor:

o   Ludmila Vesjolaja, USN. PhD research project: Dynamics and control of efficient fertilizer processes, 2019 -.

o   Abhilash Nair, NMBU. PhD research project: Enhancing resource recovery through better surveillance and process control, 2018-2020. Dissertation in September 2020.

o   Laura Marcano, OsloMet with USN as degree-providing institution. PhD research project: Process simulation and learning technologies, 2016-2019. Dissertation in September 2019.

Courses for university students (most recent courses):

Courses for industrial and educational personnel:

·       A large number of courses lasting typically 2 days about automatic control for engineers and practicioners. Both physical courses (on site) and online courses. 1990 -

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