Feedforward Control of Tank Temperature

Snapshot of the front panel of the simulator:


The system being simulated is a temperature control system based on feedforward control in addition to feedback PID control from temperature measurement.


In all the task below, use feedback control (with PID controller) in addition to feedforward control. It is assumed that the simulator runs as you do the tasks.

  1. Tuning the PID controller: Tune the PID controller using e.g. the Ziegler-Nichols' closed-loop method.
  2. Feedforward control at setpoint changes:
    1. Add a ramp to the temperature setpoint. What is the steady-state control error with and without feedforward control?
    2. Use feedforward control. Adjust the setpoint manually (e.g. like a ramp), which will give more or less randomly abrupt setpoint changes. How does the control signal react as compared to a smoother setpoint ramp, as in task no. a above?
  3. Feedforward control at disturbance changes: Change the inflow temperature. Is the control error be reduced by introdusing feedforward control?

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