What is SimView?

SimView is a set of freely available simulators in the area of engineering cybernetics (in a broad sense). SimView is produced by TechTeach.

SimView is based on:

  • Interactivity
  • Real-time simulations, which means that the responses are calculated and plotted on the screen in real time - or scaled real-time in some of the simulators.
  • Immediate graphical responses (e.g. animations) as a result of the user's parameter adjustments - just as in a real lab!
  • Prepared exercises with detailed instructions with focus on the main points

These features hopefully make SimView an effective learning tool.

On the homepage of SimView you will find links to the homepage of each of the simulators. These homepages contains background information about the system to be which is simulated, and suggested exercises. The simulators can of course be used independent of there exercises.

SimView is being developed by me (Finn Aakre Haugen). Please do not hesitate to send me suggestions for improvements and new simulators (e-mail: finn@techteach.no).

The simulators are developed in LabVIEW, which is produced by National Instruments (“NI”). The simulators can be used without LabVIEW being installed, but in that case the freely available LabVIEW Run-Time Engine must be installed.


TechTeach has exclusive rights to SimView. The simulators can be used freely by individuals and students in courses which do not have any fee. The simulators can, after agreement with TechTeach (which implies a fee to be paid to TechTeach), be used also in internal courses in companies and in courses with fees.

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Updated 13 August 2023 by Finn Aakre Haugen. E-mail: finn@techteach.no.